Zacchaeus by Dominic Flask

Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

From the tippy-top of the highest branch that would hold him, Zacchaeus had the best seat in the house among the flock of folks who’d gathered in Jericho’s city center to see Jesus that day.

As he masticated the stories and proverbs and spiritual wisdom, he couldn’t help but see the life he lived was in stark contrast to what the teacher described of the Kingdom of God.

He was neither meek nor merciful nor pure in heart. In fact, he had been quite the opposite.

Zacchaeus snapped out of his introspection, startled to see Jesus had paused his lecture and was now walking right to the sycamore in which the tax man sat.

“Zacchaeus, I am having dinner at your house tonight.”

All the mouths were instantly agape. Zacchaeus nearly fell from his perch he was so astounded. No one in this crowd would ever give him the time of day, let alone step foot in his house, yet this—the most spiritual person he’d ever encountered—was coming for dinner?

By the time his feet hit the ground he was a new man.

written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Dominic Flask

Dominic Flask is an independent designer and illustrator with experience in motion graphics, interactive, print and identity design.

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