The Witch of Endor

Years earlier, King Saul had banished every soothsayer, medium, fortune teller, witch, wizard, clairvoyant, diviner, seer and psychic from the kingdom. Only God’s prophets remained as mediators between the mortal and spirit worlds.

But now he was desperate.

Saul’s mission to destroy his anointed successor David had taken a turn for the worse when the king-to-be left Israel altogether (swearing he’d never harm the King) and became a mercenary for their nation’s long-time adversary—the Philistines.

The king sent his servants on a mission to find a fugitive medium somewhere in the villages that had since sprouted as communities of dark arts refugees. In Endor they found a single witch who was curious about their master, though judicious to whom she might reveal her gifts. Even though she was in the safe zone, the wrath of Saul could show up just about anywhere.

It was only when the spirit of Samuel rose from the Earth that she recognized her client was the very tyrant she feared.

When Saul assured her safety, the seance continued. The dead prophet appeared to them both, and demanded of Saul an explanation for the disturbance.

Upon hearing Saul’s request for counsel the spirit became angry.

You never heeded my counsel when I was alive, why do you seek it now!
Tomorrow you and your sons will be dead, and your kingdom handed over to David.

And he was gone.

The malnutritioned king fell facedown in the dirt, petrified and hopeless.

Only upon constant urging from his men did he finally rise to enjoy his last supper—the witch’s prized calf perfectly fattened and prepared for her life’s most special occasion.

Written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Zara Picken

Zara Picken is an illustrator living and working in the North East of England. She works with UK and international clients, creating illustrations for editorial, publishing, advertising and more.

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