The Second Great Catch

They’d had no luck with the fish that night, but they didn’t really care. For the most part, they just wanted a distraction. It had been practically impossible to function since they’d buried their Lord. Without the rabbi’s constant guidance, the men didn’t know what to do with their time, nor did they possess the gumption to do it.

Half the time they’d cast the nets that evening, they didn’t even bother checking them for fish.

As morning rose, they spotted a figure on the shore.

“Friends!” he shouted, “you don’t have any fish?”

They looked at one another confused at the question, since it was quite obvious to anyone they’d finished the night empty-handed.

“Cast those nets on the right side of the boat!”

So they did.

The result was so abundant that all seven of them together couldn’t haul the net into the boat. As they struggled, one man’s knees buckled with epiphany. He relinquished his grasp, sat down to catch his breath, and as soon as he could muster the breath he exhaled,

“It is the Lord.”

Of course! They’d been here before! The pervasive feeling of deja vu gave way to the realization that this had happened once long ago, and here they are again, still fussing with the fish when something much greater is happening.

Peter immediately leaped from the boat.

Written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Clare Nicholas

Clare Nicholas is a freelance illustrator and graduate from the Royal College of Art in London. With a grounding in printmaking she produces digital montages using photographic material together with freehand marks.

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