The Road To Damascus

The Road to Damascus

Saul was passionate about his faith.

Some of his more liberal peers may have been spineless enough to tolerate this growing cult of Jesus followers, but he couldn’t stomach it.

“Blasphemy and immorality have no place in this great nation of ours,” he thought, and made it his mission to eradicate the people who threatened everything he held true.

He knew enough of the right people to make sure his murderous threats would be taken seriously and with the full authority of the law.

Meanwhile, the city of Damascus had developed a concentration “The Way” followers, so Saul knew Damascus was the perfect place for his reaping.

His journey to the city was stopped short though. Just as he approached Damascus, a blazing flash of light from heaven sent him crumpled to the ground. He heard a voice calling his name…

“Who are you?”

“I am Jesus,” said the voice. “Why are you persecuting me?”

written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Brian Doc Reed

Brian Doc Reed is a designer by day, screen printer by night (and most weekends).

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