Saved by a Harlot

Saved by a Harlot

It wasn’t the first time she’d hidden men away on her rooftop from a knock on the door, but—and she couldn’t say exactly what it was—she had a feeling about these two.

She did, however, know enough of the King’s men than to trust the investigators who had shown up asking questions about her guests.

She told them the two they claimed were spies had taken off just before dark, and if they hurry, they just might catch up.

As she was lowering her fugitives out the back window, she asked if, in exchange for her kindness, they would show the same for her in their conquest of the city.

“Hang a scarlet cord from this window,” they instructed “and everyone inside will be spared.”

Sure enough, when the walls of Jericho fell, the men returned to find Rahab and her family safe inside waiting, ready to begin their new lives with Israel.

written by Troy DeShano
Artist Info
Julie Frey

Julie Frey is a Philly-based graphic designer & illustrator, currently working as Lead Designer at Mighty Engine.

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