Ruth Uncovers Boaz’s Feet

One-by-one this foreign girl had been gathering grain since sunrise, for even the most insignificant speck missed by the workers held extreme value to two widows just as disposable in society.

Stopping by to check in with his staff, Boaz noticed the girl working. He was inspired by her gumption and determined to do whatever he could to respectfully help someone so resolute. He welcomed her to continue, made sure she had water to drink, and even instructed his workers to discreetly drop some extra stalks in her path.

When Ruth arrived home that evening, her mother-in-law was blown away by how much grain she’d collected. There was more than enough for them to enjoy the most satisfying meal they’d probably had in a long while. The wizened woman wondered who this gracious businessman might be, showing such compassion on one who’d typically be cast aside.

“Bless him!” she exclaimed, “he is our closest relative!”

In fact, Boaz was not only a significant leader in the community, he was also a potential “guardian-redeemer” for the family, a privileged man who could rescue a relative from slavery, bankruptcy or misfortune. He could even take responsibility in providing an heir for a dead brother.

So the plans were set. According to Naomi’s instruction, Ruth draped herself in the finest perfume and robes she could find. In the middle of the night, she crept to where the man was sleeping, ceremoniously pulled the sheets up exposing his feet and lay down just beyond them.

When finally he stirred, he was startled at first.

“Who’s there?” he asked.

At her reply he was again moved by her character. For not only had she proved to be resilient and humble, but devout and righteous as well. Instantly he vowed to give his all for her.

Artist Info
Gloria Pizzilli

Gloria Pizzilli is an Italian designer based in France.

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