Peter’s Vision

Just as Peter was about to end his rooftop prayer time (he was getting hungry), he fell into a trance.

The sky split open and lowered to the ground—like a sheet held by four corners—right before his eyes. Inside were all kind of animals—birds and reptiles and things he’d never even seen.

“Rise and eat,” he heard.

And in his usual manner, he refused piously, for many of the creatures could not be kosher.

“If God calls it clean, it is,” said the voice.

Three times they went back and forth before Peter finally snapped out of it. He sat there puzzled, trying to decipher the meaning of this strange vision when there was a knock at the door.

Outside stood a foreigner, an Italian man with no idea why he was there, only that God had sent him.

written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson works at Gardner Design in Wichita, Kansas, designing brands for companies around the world.

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