Marry a Prostitute

The very first time Hosea heard God’s voice it told him,

Find a whore and marry her.
Make this whore the mother of your children.
And here’s why:
This whole country has become a whorehouse, unfaithful to me.

So he did.

But somehow the prophet’s wife fell. She couldn’t adjust to domestic life, or perhaps old debts caught up with her, or maybe she couldn’t live without opium.

Like Israel, she was gone.

But Hosea did not give up. He sought her out and bought her back.

He vowed his faithfulness to her, and her freedom to do the same.

Written by: Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Adam Garcia

Adam Garcia is Director, Designer & Illustrator at The Pressure / Electric Boogalooing, Prognostication, Dungeon Mastering, Etymologies, et al. Adjunct at Portland State.

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