Malchus’s Ear

“Greetings, Rabbi!” said Judas with his smug trademark grin as he kissed his teacher.

Jesus knew this would happen.

The mob emerged from the garden shadows behind them, and as the priests and elders watched, the others pushed forward with swords and clubs and grabbed Jesus by the elbow.

Without a second thought, Peter leapt forward and with a single swoop sliced an ear clean off the nearest man!

Malchus was his name.

With his arm now free, Jesus reached down and picked up the ear. Touching it to the side of Malchus’s bleeding head, Jesus turned to his followers and urged them to lay off.

With a single request—he assured them—he could call twelve legions of supernatural soldiers, but he would not. Not yet.

Written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Jason Watson

Jason Watson (AKA Deviant Monk) is designer, illustrator and animator based in Kansas City, MO.

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