Jonah Tossed Overboard

Jonah Tossed Overboard

“Throw me overboard.”

The storm overtaking their ship scared the sailors, but the thought of what God might do to them if they tossed the prophet into the sea had them petrified.

But Jonah insisted. He’d been running. He’d been bitter. How could God ask him to deliver hope to the wretched evildoers of Ninevah? Pagan… immoral… unspeakably violent… and God wanted to save them?

But now he faced the truth he’d really known all along—that God’s will cannot be escaped.

As Jonah watched his toes follow him beneath the waves he could see through the water’s surface—the sun instantly melt the clouds away, and for a moment he felt the relief that comes when one falls into the right path.

And then he was swallowed alive.

written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Melanie Matthews

Melanie Matthews is an illustrator and designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She's also a jazz and blues enthusiast and has a thing for bears.

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