Jesus Survives Infanticide

Experts in their ancient field of reading the stars, the Magi had made their way to Jerusalem prepared with gifts for the newborn messiah they were certain had arrived.

The whole city was stirring upon their arrival, and King Herod “the Great” was less-than-comfortable with the news these men brought—that a new king had arrived in Bethlehem to become ruler over all Israel fulfilling the ancient prophecy.

“Go, find this child and come tell me where I might find him.”

When the eastern men never returned the elderly King took matters into his own hands. He knew that he’d lose his throne if word got out. Even if this promise child was a hoax it would be enough to turn the people against him.

Herod ordered all the baby boys in Bethlehem slaughtered.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph were not in Bethlehem though. Warned in a dream of the demented king’s plan, the family escaped to Egypt where they would stay until the death of King Herod the Great.

written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Evan Stremke

Evan Stremke is a designer based in Madison, WI and working at Planet Propaganda. Evan created and curated Momentus a collaborative design project based on defining moments in US history.

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