Jacob Meets Rachel

After traveling so long in unfamiliar territory Jacob now had only a vague perception of his bearings, but somehow felt his uncle’s house couldn’t be much further.

As fate would have it, when he came across a handful of shepherds around a country well, they not only knew the man Jacob was seeking, but Laban’s very daughter could be seen in the distance heading their way.

When he realized what was about to happen, Jacob tried to get rid of the other men. “Water your flocks and go!” he begged. The men simply shrugged and gestured toward the massive stone covering the well that would only be removed once all the sheep were gathered.

Desperate for some privacy, Jacob continued his negotiations. He was so frustrated that he didn’t even notice Rachel’s arrival.

When he finally turned and saw the girl face-to-face, it was as if no one else even existed. Like a man possessed he made a beeline toward his future bride, singlehandedly tossing the stone from the well like a courtship display of primal beefcake vigor.

He kissed her and instantly wept, and his great love for Rachel made the following seven years of dowry labor seem like just a few days.

Finally a wedding feast was served in their honor, and that evening Jacob waited with all the fortitude he could muster for his bride to arrive at their tent.

In the morning he woke squinting at the brightness bleeding through the curtains. Gently he touched her golden shoulder. Then shifting to look into the eyes that made him weep upon their first glance he stopped.

Looking back at him were not her magnetic eyes.
They were weak, the weak eyes of her older sister.

Written by: Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Stewart Scott-Curran

Stewart Scott-Curran is a Glasgow born designer and illustrator. He is currently an Art Director with CNN Digital in San Francisco.

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