Fiery Furnace

They would not bow. They would not worship.

They’d lost their home, their heritage, their freedom, even their names to Babylon, but the men now called Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would not lose their souls to Nebuchadnezzar.

They might have flown right below the radar, if the king hadn’t had the finest astrologists at his disposal. These wise men knew what the stars had to say about the Jews, and it was their job to make sure the great kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar transcended fate.

As the men stood between the king and the furnace, they had one last chance. All they had to do was listen for the music and bow down before Nebuchadnezzar’s statue.

But again they refused the king, and insisted that even if God did not rescue them from the flames, they’d still sooner burn than worship his image or any other.

“As you wish!” shouted the king, cranking the heat seven times hotter. When the door flung open the furnace was so scorching the king’s henchmen dropped dead as soon as they’d tossed in the Jews.

Moments later Nebuchadnezzar squinted to peer into the incinerator and leapt to his feet in amazement. The protesters weren’t burning, in fact they were standing, unbound in the midst of the flames!

But what changed the king’s heart is when he saw a fourth man standing with the others. A fourth man who looked like a god.

They hastened to call the men out of the fire, and Nebuchadnezzar praised the God of the Jews.

The God who’d come to their rescue.

Written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Trudy Creen

Trudy Creen is an artist working out of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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