Elijah Fed by Ravens

As Elijah carefully clambered down the ravine to the brook below, he wondered aloud what might possibly happen next.

The three years of drought he’d just pronounced upon Israel is a long time, he realized. Even with his great faith, he couldn’t help but entertain the thought—at least for a moment—that God’s promise to sustain him with this little brook might just not be enough. At least he’d managed to land himself far enough from civilization to avoid Ahab’s radar for a while.

When he saw a black shadow float across the valley, he remembered God’s word that food would come at the hands of the ravens.

The first meal wasn’t exactly delightful.

As the weeks and months passed, the prophet had only himself, the ravens and his God with whom to chat. The meals became easier to swallow, but after a while, he noticed the fresh smell of the spring and the grass and herbs slowly disappear only to be replaced by heat and dust.

Then the spring dried up.

Written by Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Vaughn Fender

Vaughn Fender is a designer and illustrator. He likes to draw letters, make zines and is founder of peculiarbliss.com. He currently resides in Stamford CT, where he works at TaylorDesign.

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