Den of Thieves

“Beware of the religious teachers here,” Jesus instructed over his shoulder, “they use power and entitlement for their own vain glory.”

Then loud enough for those surrounding the temple entrance to hear “Woe to them! For they even have the audacity to exploit the most helpless among us.”

At these words attention couldn’t help but shift to the poor widow who had patiently waited through the waterfall of grandiose donations to drop her own two coins in the collection.

He pointed her out. Her offering is the greatest. She gave literally everything she had.

Emotionally charged, he led on to the temple courts to find every marketing manipulation in the books taking advantage the people’s desire to offer a worthy sacrifice for Passover.

Bigger. Better. Holier.

Make your sacrifice really count for just a few dollars more.

(Just trust my partner over here for the best exchange rates)

Onlookers muttered to one another in shock as Jesus started flipping vendors’ tables, throwing the displays and chasing them out while quoting the prophets.

“It is to be a ‘house of prayer!’, but you have made it a ‘den of thieves!’”

Watching the chaos, the priests resolved to murder this man.

Written by Troy DeShano
Artist Info
Ward Jenkins

Ward Jenkins Ward Jenkins is an illustrator and animator based out of Atlanta, who's illustrated a few children's books recently. Influences run far and deep, but he has a soft spot in his heart for mid-century art & design as well as vintage children's books and cook books. He blogs about those influences here. He also loves old school hip-hop and graffiti. Go figure.

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