David and Bathsheba

The king decided he’d earned a break from the fighting. After all, he’d been putting his life at risk nearly every day for just about as long as he could remember—from his early years as a mercenary to the previous day’s royal trophy—and why shouldn’t he have at least a moment to be still without fear an arrow might be headed his way?

So David placed Joab in charge of his men and settled down to enjoy the comforts of home for a bit.

One evening, from the vantage point of his palace, he spotted a woman bathing on her own rooftop. David watched as she submerged and reappeared glistening in the golden light. Even from a distance he was stirred by her beauty. She was both a wife and daughter of his most elite military squad, so he must have known his messengers would have little trouble fetching her.

Soon after their night together, the king received a shattering message from Bathsheba. She was pregnant.

Immediately he arranged for her husband’s return from war, hoping their union might conceal the misdeed, but even what seemed to be the most gracious treatment from the king couldn’t subdue Uriah’s honor. He refused to visit his home while his comrades were still in battle, and slept instead at the palace gate. Even when deliberately brought to drunkenness on the king’s wine, the mighty warrior remained true to his vow.

In desperation, David sent Uriah back to the ranks carrying a message of his own conspired demise.


Written by: Troy DeShano

Artist Info
Jon Deviny

Jon Deviny is an artist, designer, and wanna-be imagineer living in Bellingham, WA.

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