Abram's New Name

Abram’s New Name

“I will make you the father of many.”

God spoke to Abraham (as he would now be known, for when God Almighty gives you a new name, you don’t ask questions), outlining a new covenant between them.

The land on which he now camped—Caanan—was promised to be his forever. It would belong to him and all his descendents, of which the Lord assures Abraham will be many.

And Sarah, God said, would be the mother of this great nation.

At this Abraham couldn’t help but laugh to himself—maybe not so much at the impossible idea that they’d conceive a child in their 90s, but perhaps in a bit of cynicism that this was happening again.

Thirteen years had passed after all, since the birth of his first son Ishmael—a miracle in itself for an 80-something-year-old fellow—but now, again? and how could Sarah birth a child at age 90?

But God insisted (as is often the case).

“I will bless Ishmael, but it is through Sarah’s son Isaac my covenant will be.”

As soon as God’s message had finished, Abraham followed the instruction to circumcise himself, his son and every single man, servant, foreigner in his household.

Tangibly sealing the holy contract.

Artist Info
Jana Kinsman

Jana Kinsman "is an illustrator, beekeeper and graphic designer in Chicago, IL. She is also I’m 1/5 of Quite Strong, a female design collaborative that’s been serving the design community since early 2010."

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