Round 1 Proceeds – Blood:Water Mission


UPDATE: Round 2 proceeds will also go to Blood:Water Mission.


During each round of Old & New designs, we’ll be selling prints of each piece. Proceeds from print sales will go to charity. For our inaugural round of designs, we’re honored to be able to partner with Blood:Water Mission, a Nashville organization that focuses on empowering communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa.

Specifically, print proceeds will go towards providing a rain water catchment tank at a school in the community of Lwala, Kenya, in the western region of the country.

Blood:Water’s partnership with Lwala dates back to 2007 when they seed funded the opening of a clinic to address the needs within the highly HIV-affected region. Since then, Blood:Water has partnered with the community on providing water at schools, hygiene and sanitation training and community outreach to prevent the spread of disease. Today, the clinic has grown to be a sub-district hospital providing medical care to the region.

The clinic along with its rain catchment tank.

This new rain catchment tank for the school will provide much easier access to water. This means that the children won’t have to walk long distances to get water for their families instead of attending school (typically job of girls). Studies have shown that keeping children in school and empowering girls through education can reduce their participation in risky behaviors which often leads to contracting HIV. In a very real sense, water is life in Lwala.

Find out more about Blood:Water Mission on their Web Site and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out the video below to see more of Blood:Water’s work in Lwala.

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  • Thanks so much for partnering with us in our work in Lwala! We are so blessed to have great advocates such as yourselves doing such creative stuff! Keep up the good work

    -Matt & the Blood:Water team


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