Art Sale: $5 Off Prints and Free Shipping

Old and New Project Sale

Right now is the BEST time to finally get those Old & New prints you’ve been eyeing up all year. We have an incredible offer happening this week in the shop: $5 off EVERY item you buy and FREE shipping worldwide!

Sale ends November 9, so get yours today!

Old & New Project prints make awesome Christmas gifts, and the proceeds from every single sale go toward teaching sustainable permaculture farming in Haiti. By purchasing a print, you’re helping provide tools to communities around the world that will make them self-sustaining.


We shoose Society6 as our shop home for a number of reasons. One of which is the fine quality of their products. Here’s a little behind what goes into every print you order.

We now have over 80 incredible bible-themed art prints from which you can choose, each one created by one of our favorite international illustrators, designers and artists.

Click on one of these favorites to purchase it today! Or check out all 85 designs in the shop.








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