Artist spotlight: Josh LaFayette


Josh LaFayette is one of the most prolific artists we’ve come across at the Old and New Project. Not even kidding right now.

He’s an independent designer and illustrator living and working in Boston, MA, but design and illustration only scratches the surface of what Josh can do.

Josh LaFayette does what he loves—in fact, one of his drawings sums up his work philosophy pretty well:

Josh LaFayette work for fun

First off, he puts out a new drawing every weekday. He’s pumped out a few hundred poems, too.

He’s done work for some pretty high-profile clients, too:

Oscar Mayer

Josh LaFayette Oscar Mayer

Eat Boston

Josh LaFayette Eat Boston

He’s also done work for Harvard University, American Greetings, and a few other big names.

Josh LaFayette on Song of Solomon

Josh was kind enough to create this illustration of Song of Solomon 2:16-17 for round 4 of the Old and New Project. Check it out here!

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