Jim LePage, Author at Old & New Project

Putting on and Old & New Gallery Show


Last year, Origins Art Space (a small private art gallery in Williamsport, PA), did a gallery show of all the round 1 designs. Putting together a gallery show can feel intimidating. While it is definitely a lot of work, it’s very possible for a few people to put together a show. Joshua Troxler was one of the people who put together the gallery show in Williamsport and we asked him to share tips and advice that might help others who want to put on an Old & New gallery show. Thanks, Joshua!


The Old & New show I helped put on at Origins Art Space last year ended up being a huge success. The pieces were seen by hundreds of people and still float around the community. A lot of hard work (and figuring things out) went into the gallery show, but it’s something anyone could do if they have the time and resources. Here are a few things that you might find helpful if you put on your own show. Read More

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