Contributors - Old & New Project

Each of our contributors has donated his/her work to this project. Please support these amazing artists by sharing their work online, following them in social media and hiring them for your graphic art projects.

Round 4: One Flesh

Angie Wang
Eleanor Grosch
Gloria Pizzilli
Julianna Brion
Thereza Rowe
Karen Kurycki
Lisa Congden
Pam Wishbow
Adam R Garcia
Andrew Kolb
Dushan Milic
Paul Pants
Charlie Wagers
Stewart Scott-Curan
Josh LaFayette
Lily Padula
Sean Salter

Round 3: Turning Points

Adam Anderson
Alexandra Beguez
Allie Smith
Anna Hurley
Brian Doc Reed
Chank Diesel
Ciara Panacchia
Corbin Watkins
Dominic Flask
Emily Dove
Jana Kinsman
Joe Cavazos
Julie Frey
Matt Stevens
Melanie Matthews
Mikey Burton
Shed Labs
Sophia Foster-Dimino
Tommy Chandra
Travis Brown

Round 2: Miracles

A. Micah Smith
Alex Griendling
Amy Hardy
Chris Koelle
Clare Nicholas
Glenn Thomas
Jason Watson
Jason Yang
Jeremy Stout
Julia Kuo
Justin Mezzell
Katie Campbell
Luke Bott
Scotty Reifsnyder
Trudy Creen
Vaughn Fender
Zara Picken

Round 1: Overview

Adam Grason
Alice Potter
Andrew Lyons
Anne Ulku
Brian Danaher
Carla Zetina-Yglesias
Cassie McDaniel
Chaz Russo
Dan Christofferson
Eric Smith
Evan Stremke
Jeff Gill
Jim LePage
Jon Ashcroft
Kyle Steed
Lindsey McCormick
Lisa Romero
Lydia Nichols
Michael Cina
Nate Utesch
Pope St. Victor
Scott Allen Hill
Troy DeShano
Ward Jenkins

High Fives

These folks really helped us out and deserve some virtual high fives and, if we ever see ‘em face to face, an actual coffee or beer.

  1. Jared Erickson is a coding genius and made this site far better than Jim and Troy ever could have.
  2. Alex GriendlingEric Smith and Evan Stremke have all previously led collaborative design projects (Raygun52Live Now and Momentus, respectively) and were kind enough to share their advice with us. (We even managed to get a couple of them as first round contributors.)
  3. Chris Melander is a St. Paul designer and came up with the “Old & New” name.
  4. Brandon Harrison is a Minneapolis designer and helped us with some Bible research.
  5. Charley Swanson is a Communications Director and helped us by proofing content on the web site.
  6. Mike Lenda is the US Programs Director at Blood:Water Mission and helped us get connected with a Blood:Water project.