About the Creators - Old & New Project

I am an artist/designer based in Bellingham, WA. I’m currently a Senior Designer at Logos Bible Software.

From January 2010 to November 2011, I did a personal project called Word, where I created designs for each book of the Bible. It was during that project that I starting thinking about what became Old & New.

Troy DeShano

Rewriting these Bible stories for web readers has been an awesome challenge, and I’m really happy to finally justify that old undergraduate Bible/Theology degree that’s been gathering dust since the 90s.

I am an illustrator/artist living in the northwoods of Traverse City, Michigan. I’ve got three kids, two dogs and one wife—all awesome.

Strong Odors is a blog I write & illustrate about (among other things) my own ongoing wrestling match with cancer, fear, faith, fundamentalism,  autism and manhood. It’s actually a heckuva lot more fun than that sentence makes it seem.

I enjoy every sandwich, but especially those that come with stinky cheese and potent potables.

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